Nikita on left with Alexis on right posing ittys bittys Zoe
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Welcome to DobieGirls 

Thank you for looking at the site. I have been owned by Dobermans for almost 9 years.  Dobermans are quite the breed and I have learned so much about owning them and almost as much as myself growing up with them.

Gotta love those girls 

Having just female Dobermans is an unique perspective. Nikita and Alexis may be the same breed but differ in so many aspects, that its like living with two forever five year olds. It never gets old watching their shannigans trying to out do the other. Plus, I kinda enjoy yelling out, “Girls”, and these two come running as fast as can.  This site was inspired by Nikita.  If we hadn’t started doing the music videos, I wouldn’t have started this site to show case them.  We lost Nikita back in 2013, at a early age of 8 years old, so young.  This site is dedicated to Nikita, if it wasn’t for you, I would never have done this.  I thank you...

Please Welcome our new addition...

On September 1st of 2013, we went and picked up Zoe.  She was only 9 weeks old and only 29 lbs, at the time. She’s from Desta Dobermans, down around the Richmond area.  It was a very long day, but well worth it. It’s nice having two dobergirls again. Stay tuned for the antics.  

Dobie Girls

Alexis and Nikita behind her

Dobie Girls